It’s one of those times, ladies and gentlemen, where we rip off our proverbial mask and reveal that we’ve actually got a whole different look up in here. By the time you read this post, you’ll surely be privy to Android Community’s new set of marks – and the brand new representation of the Android Community Android. Expect this new little fellow to be going on many adventures through the Android landscape as we continue to work with YOU to make the greatest Android Community we can!

You’ll see this logo set showing up on our main news feed here in several places, including the top of the page, perhaps on the side a bit, and definitely in watermarks across all of our lovely photos and leaked pics, and prominently peering over the discussion forums. Then you’ll also see he and/or she popping up on our official Facebook page and Twitter, plus some more physical places as well.

Expect this punchy little boxer to be showing up on every corner of all the major cities and towns also as we ramp up our street team and start really plastering the walls for the love of the mobile OS. We’d like as well to thank the massively talented designer Rue Liu, whom you may know from our sister site SlashGear where she not only writes, she not only does the weekly roundup in a super amazing video series, she also does a comic line that takes our culture and blends it until jokes come out!

Thanks Rue, and thanks to you, Community, for your continued participation in this tech culture we call home!

[Update] Here are two quick examples of how the new Android Community logo will be used in video watermark. When you see our “Android head” you’ll recognize that it’s our original content you’re watching. -Vincent

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