It has been another busy week for Android Community, and it’s fans. This week marked the launch of the official R2-D2 Droid, Android’s appeal was measured via a market survey, the much anticipated T-Mobile G2 being launched, and some issues with the G2.

The much hyped R2-D2 Droid launched this week. We went hands on with the limited edition device and went it to detail of it’s array of accessories and custom software features. This has proven to be a great upgrade for any Star Wars loving Verizon user complete with it’s high detail backing, custom Star Wars themed dock and it’s comprehensive pre-installed software including live wallpapers, new boot animation, and theme.

Also this week, we got word via market research firm ChangeWave that
Android’s overall customer appeal has been growing significantly over the last measured 3-month period. With a 7-percent jump in appeal, it is clear that the Android platform is gaining some recognition with the average user, and we can see it making it’s way to the number one mobile platform in the coming years. However, as stated, it wasn’t all good news and growth in numbers – only 65-percent of Android users stated they were “very satisfied in the same survey – compared to iPhone users at 74-percent.

One of the most covered devices this week was, of course, the T-Mobile G2. Being the successor to the very first Android phone it was met with some very high expectations. Most initial impressions were very solid off the bat. However, as with most high profile device launches, the launch was met with some problems. Users have been reporting loose hinges, and up to half of the original storage as they were expecting. No official word has been provided by T-Mobile but users who received a defective unit have not had any problems requesting a replacement.