Android Community is in search of a new writer (or two!) to join our team of dedicated Android news publishers. We’re in search of seasoned writers who are flexible, confident in both research and execution, and have a passion for the Android platform.

UPDATE: We’ve found a couple of individuals to fill the positions we needed for this help call, but as always, you can continue to submit your information following the guidelines below so we’ll be able to call on you in the future!

Writers hoping to join the Android Community news team must be able to craft articles out of sometimes massive, sometimes minuscule bits of information, converting this information into easy to comprehend paragraphs of text for publication. Both the ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment are required. Android Community writers will occasionally be asked to work odd hours, review products, or travel about the country to conventions or press events – because of these things, a writer for Android Community must be able to communicate well on camera and in person.

The ability to work with and publish in WordPress is essential to this position. The applicant must have their own computer from which they can work on a daily basis.

Preferred qualifications that will gain an applicant early access to a writing position:
Knowledge of and the ability to develop for or hack Android devices.
Previous experience with a publication, print or digital.
Reliable contacts in Android related fields and/or the Android developer community.

We are currently in need of two part-time workers who would be able to work mid-day (USA time) approximately 3 to 4 hours, 3 times a week.

Being based in the SF or NYC areas is a plus but not essential. If you think you’ve got what it takes, email us at with your bio and CV for more information.