Would you look at that. Our good friends over at Pulse News by Alphonso Labs today have been kind enough to feature Android Community on their blog. Standing alongside The Atlantic, TV Guide, OK! Magazine, and more! Pulse News Reader is the best when it comes to tech news on your mobile device. Aside from the official Android Community App of course, which is always a fabulous choice for all of your Android news and community talks – which you can also access [here], of course.

The Pulse News Reader available for download in the Android Market and is available for essentially all Android phones, but is made for larger screen devices such as our shiny new Motorola XOOM. The news app is more geared for larger screen devices like i mentioned above, and has just been updated to fully support Honeycomb, including hardware acceleration. We must tell you, if you have a tablet or the Motorola XOOM, get this app now. It looks amazing and works like a charm.

If you’ve got the Pulse app all ready to go, add Android Community. If you’ve got multiple devices, you gotta have it for all of em! Encourage everyone you know who loves Android to add the feed to Pulse and one day we’ll simply be on the front page when you download the app automatically – win!

[via Pulse News]