Hello all and welcome to the Android Community App of the Week! This week we’ve got a rather simple, uncluttered, excellently constructed app that allows you to explore your daily Reddit batch of stories, images, videos, and etcetera in an Android 3.0 Honeycomb-specific environment! That’s right, it’s a freaking Android tablet app! These are still rare at the moment I write this post, so you must excuse my excitement over what may seem like so small a thing in the distant future. This is Reddita, and you can choose to download it one of two ways – ads or non ads, free or $1.65 – let’s have a look at a demo, you can download the thang, then you can pass judgement in the pure Reddit fashion.

What you’re looking at here is Reddit transmitted to your Honeycomb tablet in just about as simple a package as you could imagine while remaining totally intuitive, usable, and enjoyable to the max. You’re essentially able to do anything you could do normally whilst browsing Reddit on your desktop, but now it’s got a bit of Honeycomb flavor to it. Scroll to the top of a menu and experience the slight haze of color. See the menus conveniently hidden left and right with subtle cues.

[vms 856b06e1273989422e7d]

And the cost is excellent. It’s right there alongside the price people pay for premium ad-free apps that are otherwise free with ads, and it costs less than a bag of chips. You’ll still want a bag of chips incase you get hungry while you’re sitting there though because the app allows you to browse until infinity freezes over. It’s all white so the content can shine through – this means the developer knows both how to present a massive amount of unrelated content and has a kind regard for the choices the designers of Reddit.com have made.

Well played! I recommend it highly! Grab it from the Android Marketplace here!