Google has just announced their new Google Currents project. In case you aren’t familiar with Currents that link should have all the details. This is basically a magazine-esque format RSS reader application only with a better UI and an overall awesome experience. It’s a new way to browse and read your favorite sites and RSS feeds and hey, Android Community and SlashGear are both already in Currents — Check us out!

So far I must admit, Google Currents is pretty darn awesome. I’ve been viewing so much content and our awesome reviews like the one on the Transformer Prime that I’ve hardly been working. If you’ve been looking for a better and easier way to view your favorite sites (Android Community and SlashGear) then this is your solution. This isn’t your average reader or app like Flipboard, this is a full on all in one solution and Google’s done a fantastic job. It is simply, easy to understand, has a beautiful UI, and is highly customizable for both readers and publishers alike. Not only that but it works for Android phones, tablets and even iOS.

One awesome feature is publishers can create custom pages, change the layout, and even pull from multiple sources all at once. Take our sister site SlashGear for example. We have everything from our webpage to Twitter, Google+, and even our YouTube channel for all of our hands-on videos and reviews neatly in one place. Check out the screenshot below of SlashGear YouTube in Google Currents.

The user interface is fluid and brilliant and makes the entire browsing experience quite pleasurable. Being able to swipe left and right through all the content is very fast and easy. Click on an image in any of our many reviews and you can swipe through the entire photo gallery with pinch to zoom and more. Then hit the YouTube source to view the hands-on and walkthrough coverage for said product. Enjoy my hands-on video below for a better idea of Google Currents, then head to the market and give it a try today. Don’t forget to add Android Community and SlashGear to your front page!

Google Currents Market Link


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