Like Montell Jordan would, we’re about to tell you how to do what you came to do. What you’d like to know how to do is scan those square jumbles of pixels you’re seeing everywhere, those “codes” the sites keep telling you to scan with your Android phone. What the heck is going on there? This is what’s going on there: it’s a QR-Code, and all you need to scan it is one singular app called Barcode Scanner. This app is totally free and works super slick.

To get this app, head over to [this Barcode Scanner link] and download from the web or straight to your device from your device in the mobile Android Marketplace. We’d also feature the code so you could get it easier, except for the fact that… probably you’ve come to this post trying to figure out how to do such a thing, so more than likely you don’t have the app you need to scan the code to get the app to scan the code, if you know what I mean.

This app was developed by ZXing Team, the same team that created absolutely nothing else, ever. It’s like they came to this planet from another planet just to give us the simplest Android scanner in the world and give it to us for free. This is the app you use to scan the codes that bring you to the apps you want to download. Simple, quick, easy, free.

Also NOTE: There are other scanners that do essentially the same thing, and are also free. This just happens to be the one we’ve used most often and has never failed us. And the icon is super awesome. ZXing Team has another app on the market that’s got a zebra as an icon – do not download it, as it’s not made for consumers. It does essentially nothing and was uploaded as a test. Now go out there and scan all kinds of barcodes and QR-Codes and every single other kind of code you could ever want to code. And check out the bonus video below.