Android Auto

Android Auto is still in its initial stages but we’re not doubting the smart technology will be embraced by more car companies all over the world. We already know Google has big plans by partnering with other brands in the automotive industry and integrating several apps to work with it. So far, we know Chevrolet adding Android Auto to its 2016 car lineup while the Hyundai 2015 Sonata is the first car to have it.

More apps are expected to connect with Android Auto especially those using Lollipop devices. The app was recently updated to bring improvements and bug fixes. With the update, you can enjoy Navigation with Google Maps. It’s a turn-by-turn navigation help with lane guidance that also provides information on points of interest and live traffic conditions among others.

You can also make calls and send SMS without having to take hands off the wheel, thanks to the hands-free phone and messaging feature. You can get the traffic, weather, and commute information and organize them into cards for easy assistance and information.

Only a few Android smartphones are available. The Galaxy S4 and S5 both on Verizon and AT&T are compatible with Android Auto. And if you have one, you just can’t use it with any ordinary car. Car also needs to support Android Auto. So if you’re thinking about having the ultimate Android Auto experience, you’d better save up for a car that’s supported and a smartphone that’s Android Auto-compatible.

Download Android Auto from the Google Play Store