The first one out the road when it comes to the brand new Android Auto platform is Hyundai as they announced that their 2015 Sonata model will now come installed with the connectivity system. Fret not already existing Sonata owners that did not make it to this new feature. They will also be offering upgrades for your car to have this installed when you bring it to an authorized dealer. This will make your smartphone activities while driving less distracting and more focused on the actual driving.

Once you’ve had Android Auto installed in your car and your smartphone tethered to it, you can now enjoy being connected to the whole Google eco-system as well as other apps on your smartphone. But lest you think that this is just an accident waiting to happen, your screen is connected to Sonata’s in-dash display. And you will be needing voice controls in order to access your apps and perform functions. You can dictate your reply to the message, have your email read aloud, telling Google Maps where you want to go, asking Spotify to play a specific track, etc.

As we said earlier, those who already own a 2015 Sonata can have their cars upgraded and fitted with Android Auto if they go to their nearest dealership. But Hyundai is also working on an easier way to do this later this summer, wherein you can just download the update, stick it into your car through a USB flash drive, and then install it automatically.

Here’s hoping that other carmakers will also follow Hyundai in using this platform and technology, as a lot of people will get things done in their cars, especially if they’re stuck in traffic jams and wasting valuable hours or minutes. Volvo is reportedly working on it as well, with the large touchscreen of their new XC90 split into two which means your smartphone’s UI can be shown on one of those screens.

VIA: SlashGear