Earlier, we said a new Android Auto would be rolling out with message previews and a redesigned music player. The official update has arrived, ready to make any drive more enjoyable than ever. It’s not always the destination that matters. Any driver must be able to enjoy every journey even if for a short distance only. Times have changed but before those self-driving cars and robots take over, the Android team wants to make sure drives are simpler and more personal by enhancing a host of features and adding new ones.

Android Auto’s search and media browsing features have been improved so accessing content can be done more easily. Group messaging and visual message previews are also available as new ways to be connected with loved ones and colleagues. MMS and RCS are also supported.

Media content is placed more prominently in the screen so you can view and browse quickly. You don’t have to spend a lot of time finding what you want to listen to. The layout now shows larger album art images so you can easily see what’s available to listen to.

When it comes to messaging, you can launch WhatsApp, Hangouts, and Messages on the Android Auto display. Popular media apps such as Spotify, Pocket Casts, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, and Google Play Books are available as well.

Voice search is possible, thanks to the Google Assistant. Message previews are shown and can be viewed ONLY when the car isn’t moving but you need to enable the feature first under the settings menu.

Android Auto app update will be out anytime soon. Watch out for an OTA notification or check the Play Store if the latest version is available to download.

Download Android Auto from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)