Android Auto is an old platform but it’s not widely available compared to the main Android OS on smartphones and tablets. The last we heard about the automotive OS that it was going to be supported by Land Rover and Jaguar. That was back in September after we know Apple Music and Android Auto integration and Waze being compatible with the Android Auto app. More changes will be available as the latest update delivers a number of new features and improvements.

The update for Android Auto adds the option to see several words of a new message with message previews. The music player has been upgraded as well while optional message previews are available.

The new Android Auto now bears an updated look that includes a dismissable lockscreen on the phone. For those who may need to make a call, you can now access your full contact list.

Visual previews of new messages are also available now as such may give the user an idea if a message is important or if it must be ignored. Note that such messages will only appear if the car isn’t moving. Check under Settings> Messaging if previews are disabled or enabled. A toggle should change the option.

The music interface has been redesigned while there is a new player screen and playlist view. You can now enjoy a dark theme so it’s easier on the eyes. The search function is more obvious now while an animated floating orange button will appear on the screen.

VIA: Android Police


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