According to Andy Rubin, Android smartphones are now being activated 700,000 times in a single day. In the big scheme of things, that shows amazing growth. The OS is quite popular, but growing from 550,000 daily activations in July to 700K is incredible! It was estimated that we may be at 1 million activations a day by October 20th, but it undoubtedly digressed from the projected path.

So currently, that makes 4.9 million phones activated each week. Overall, Google states that over 200 million Android devices have been activated – so if the trend continues we could see Android surpass the 250 million iOS devices. This not only shows Android is dominating the smartphone market, but that it is continuously becoming more popular. Eventually we will see it peak out, but it’s hard to tell when.

Hopefully, Android owners are statisfied with their devices. If not, this could lead to a very adverse effect in projected market growth. It may take a while for them to bounce back – but with how fast the software is innovatively growing, the end user experience will undoubtedly lead to more repeat Android customers. But if Apple keeps jabbing patent related law suits at Android device manufacturers, we may never see Android surpass them.

[via The Verge]


  1. I should say that this is a great article.Android NDK (Native Development Kit) to package up C or C++ stuff to create your App , so in fact this is an easy way to use cross platform C code ( although not Apple’s brand of Objective C) to port your Android apps development from device to device. I believe this is what most App games companies in fact do – write the bulk of the App in C and then add wrappers for Android, iOS, Symbian ( windows Phone 8 hopefully sometime 🙂 ).


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