We all have to deal with the reality that yes, Android Nougat is here whether we’re ready for it or not. But to those who have been waiting with more attention than the regular users (e.g. some of you who are real hardcore Android fans) have already noticed that some of the new features that were hyped before Android 7.0’s launch weren’t included. Maybe all of these sightings of Android 7.1 in the wild have to do with some of these.

Nate Benis, a developer known in the XDA forums for the Pure Nexus project, has the inside track on why no Nexus devices were released and the obvious absence of many features expected for Nougat. There is a Nexus event, probably to launch the new hardware in late September or early October. Benis also revealed that he has a build that is not from the Android Nougat released yesterday, but off a future developer build called Android N MR1, and that may contain stuff we have not seen in the current production build, which is based naturally on the developer previews.

So all of those features – the integrated Google Assistant, new nav bar icons, Nexus Launcher and other stuff might still make it in time for the launch of the new Nexus phones. But the truth is this – not all Nougat builds are equal. A Redditor has already noticed a proliferation of Android 7.1 builds floating around.


The question is, will we see a better and more feature-filled Nougat build in the future for the older Nexus devices like the Nexus 6, 6P and the Nexus 5X? We’ll have to wait for an official answer to that question, but Benis does say to “expect a developer preview of mr1 with these changes soon”.