HTC and Samsung have just uploaded their versions of the Android 4.4 source code for the Google Play Editions (GPE) of their respective flagships. While the source code for Android 4.4 has been freely available for a while now, these device-specific versions could help custom ROM makers fine tune and fix their code for those devices.

HTC has just started pushing out an OTA upgrade that brings the much-awaited Android 4.4 version to the Google Play Edition of its HTC One flagship. Now the company is making available the Android 4.4 source code for the same models. The release comes in two downloads, a larger 372 MB package that contains HTC’s framework support files, and a smaller 100 MB archive that has the stock UI.

Samsung has also made a similar step and uploaded the Android 4.4. souce code for its Galaxy S 4, also the Google Play Edition. Strangely, though, Samsung has yet to provide an update, OTA or otherwise, that will bring the latest Android version to its own flagship. The presence of the source code on their server makes us hope that it will come very soon.

Android developers and curious users can download the Android 4.4 code for the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 from the links below. End users, on the other hand, will just have to wait for the OTA update to arrive on their devices, which might take a longer time for those owning a Galaxy S 4.

Download: HTC One GPE, Samsung Galaxy S 4 GPE
VIA: AndroidBeat