Earlier this week Google officially took the wraps off of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, as well as the new and improved Nexus 7, but for those with last years model an update is on the way. As you all probably know, Wednesday Google also announced the 4.3 update was rolling out to all the recent Nexus devices, but it has been a slow and staged push.

Both of my stock Nexus 7 tablets received the update late last night, instead of on Wednesday when Google announced the update was rolling out, and we’ve received multiple tips this morning that other users are finally seeing it today. All those tips and tricks to get it early never seem to work anyways.

So for those who are sitting at home tapping that “check for updates” button still, it appears that Google’s finally rolling this out at a wider range and it should be arriving for your tablet any moment now. However, if you still don’t want to wait the official update download file is available below.


Instead of making a long how to, we’ll just drop the official Android 4.2.2 to 4.3 WiFi Nexus 7 update.zip below, and those interested can grab it. In order to install you’ll need to boot into the stock recovery and flash it via ‘adb sideload’ with the SDK, or of course a custom recovery will have you up and running with the new update in minutes.

For all that’s new with Android 4.3 hit the timeline of news links below, then grab the download file and get started.

Download: Nexus 7 Android 4.3


  1. I could not wait and flashed the factory image, but I did also update a friends Nexus 7 with the OTA once it was available, sideload style.

      • I don’t keep much on my tablet, and once I logged in to my Google account all my apps installed on their own. So it wasn’t too much hassle. Although my go to video players seem to be having a slow time supporting 4.3. Wish the default Android video player could handle more codecs.

      • That is what I use, but unfortunately.

        7.5.6 – July 25th, 2013

        – Display an error message about Android 4.3 not supported instead of crashing…

        (We’re working hard to fix it and hope to have a new version soon!)

  2. Got the update notification on my Nexus 4 a few hours ago. It took some time to reboot then install and now its restarted again with the screen stuck at the glowing “x” screen of Nexus for more than 45 mins…any ides on what might be going on here and how long would this take?!?

  3. Recieved the Update in India (NEXUS 7 WIFI)

    I Received normally as an OTA!!

    But if any of u are not getting it then try the google service framework Force Stop and app data wipe method!!

    I tried on a different N7 for about 5-6 time it worked!!


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