A bit of good news has arrived for those using a Motorola Electrify M with US Cellular — an update has been announced. The update is coming as Jelly Bean, specifically, Android 4.1.2 and will be coming over-the-air. Users should be on the lookout for an update notification to arrive. But remember, this update is rolling out in batches so there may be a short wait involved.

Aside from having Android 4.1.2, after the update has been applied your handset should reflect build number 9.8.2Q-50_SLS-7. US Cellular has said that you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to update. Assuming you have your phone in hand and have it connected to Wi-Fi — you can head to Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> System Updates to try and get the process started manually.

The update to Jelly Bean means the smoothness that comes along with Project Butter as well as the addition of three key items. These three goodies include Google Now, Google Voice Search and the improved notifications. Many of you will likely be familiar with what each of these offer, however for those who need a bit of a reminder lets offer a brief recap. Google Now is your assistant. It will get your day started by telling you the weather and make sure you arrive to work on time by letting you know how much traffic you can expect on your commute. Plus, Google Now also offers goodies such as sports scores, reminders of upcoming appointments and more.

Next up is the Google Voice Search and as the name would imply, this means you can speak your questions. These include everything from a basic web search to something a bit more involved such as where a business is located or whether you should bring an umbrella. Finally, the improved notifications. These are a nice plus and mean quick and direct action right from the notification shade. You can return a call, reply to a call with a text message and even expand items to get more details.

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[via US Cellular]