We’d said HTC Sensation owners would see Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) relatively soon, but that time still hasn’t come. That is, unless you’ve managed to root your device already. A ROM port from the highly anticipated HTC One X has brought Android 4.0, including the newest iteration of HTC Sense, to the Sensation.

We see ROM ports all the time, but they are normally ported from one similar (and often nearly identical) device to another. However, this particular port takes a ROM coded for an NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip and lays it over the Sensation’s Snapdragon S3. And surprisingly, it could pass as a ‘daily’ for many. Many features work flawlessly.

They include 3G, WiFi, GPS, calling, SMS, sound, and display usability. That leaves MMS, Bluetooth, video playback (including YouTube), and the Camera/Camcorder currently dysfunctional. To optimize usability, the dev has disabled HTC’s iconic launcher, lockscreen, and keyboard. We could see some serious progress, but then again an official upgrade is probably right around the corner.

[via AndroidAndMe]


  1. uhm… there are many ICS roms for the Sensation already… based on a leaked ICS build from HTC for the sensation… and the work quite well, with Camera and all that stuff working


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