Google’s highly anticipated Android 4.0.3 update will finally bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Nexus S, and hopefully fix a few bugs concerning the Galaxy Nexus battery life. It has been a real problem getting a full day of use on a single charge with Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus – even with the extended battery. The update to ICS for the Nexus S has almost been perfected, unofficially of course, so those that are rooted may not see much of a difference. Unfortunately, the update has been flagged for further review.

Earlier we had heard some rumors that the Nexus S ICS update would possibly be delayed, and now it seems we should bet on it. Over on Google’s forums, users are reporting that the update was downloaded to their device – but installation doesn’t pull through. Google reports that it is holding the update hostage to “monitor feedback”.

But what better way to monitor feedback than pushing the update? Not only will they receive a more accurate response – but it will give Nexans what they want; after all, the reason many of us buy into the “Nexus” line is to receive updates promptly from Google – and to receive them first. As for the Galaxy Nexus owners out there (including myself), please fix the battery drain issue and we’ll be happy.

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  1. My Nexus came with the update, install it……wow….its like having a new phone.
    Its really worth it to wait for…. Its absolutely amazing….

  2. downloaded the zip from google and installed on nexus s (t-mobile) without issue, of course did not wait for ota package. it works well, awesome

  3. It’s all the useless background services and programs that keep the CPU going and bright/vivid wallpapers. Since I disabled them in settings Settings>Apps>All and switched to a black wallpaper, I’m getting nearly double the life out of my phone. I can have it unplugged at 6:30am and at 11:00pm with moderate use and heavy texting through the day it’ll still be around 20% when I go to bed. Before I did this it was getting maybe 9 hours before requiring a charge.

      • If you are still wondering on how to do this.
        I personally put my finger over the lens and took an image and then used this as my background.
        You can also create a black 1280 X 720 pixel image in Photoshop or any other image creation software and then save it as a jpeg.  Copy this file to your GN and use it as your background.

    • Very cool, I just did these settings and have been able to get about 20+ hours of battery life out of my 2100mah battery.  Before, I was getting about 8 hours before the standard battery depleted.  

      Like many, I debated between the Nexus and the Razr MAXX.  I ended up keeping my Nexus.  IMHO, there are more advantages of keeping the Nexus than the Maxx.

  4. the battery is not as bad….obviously the more you use the data and applications..the more it could be better..but overall the phone is the best out there for android..

    • Google wallet is available on Verizon’s Nexus. Just go to the Google wallet site from your phone, download and install. I loaded it on mine and works perfect.

  5. i get about 15 hrs on the extended battery. Its a 4g dual core phone!! Of course the battery is gonna drain!! If u want a 2 day battery life on one charge get a flip phone! And if you think the iphone last long thats because it sucks and its not nearly as powerful! Go android!

  6. If i use my galaxy nexus for a couple of hours the battery is almost at 0%,, Worst battery time i ever seen i a smart phone.. BUT it is still one of the best smart phones out there! =)


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