Android 12 is the most awaited operating system update. The Beta 2 update of the forthcoming OS has started rolling out for eligible devices, and already early adaptors are experiencing some radical changes the new OS is expected to bring to the fore. Amid the other noted changes, Android 12 is slated to make setting up process of a new Google Home device more seamless and less time consuming.

Currently, if you’re to setup a Google Home device with the phone, you have to disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection during the setup process. Then the peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection with Google Home is setup and the Wi-Fi network can later be rejoined on the phone.

This majorly happens because Android doesn’t currently permit simultaneous connection to both the primary Wi-Fi connection and the peer device. With Android 12, the process is going to become seamless with the ability to maintain a simultaneous connection with the IoT device and the Wi-Fi router. This ensures the process is smooth and quick.

This means that when the smartphone with Android 12 has to peer, it does not have to disconnect from the home’s Wi-Fi connection to setup a smart device. The only predicament here is that the feature will be compatible only with apps targeting API level 31 or later.

Reportedly, Google Home and Chromecast devices should fall in the permissible category and will take full advantage of the feature for an user’s convenience. Apps targeting the previous versions will have to wait until they are updated to support for Android 12.


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