Android 12 Concept Logo

While numerous OEMs are rushing to work on Android 11 for their devices, Google has begun with development of Android 12. The tech giant has started already but little is known about the next version of Android. As early as September, we noted Android 12 users would be able to use third-party app stores easily. Android 12 may also bring Nearby Share for WiFi password sharing. Just a few weeks ago, we also mentioned the Android 12 App Pairs could be known as a new split screen function.

Android 12 may also bring theming system beyond dark and light. We can expect more details will be revealed until the first developer version is announced. Google will make an official announcement but for now, we have some information as shared by XDA.

The Android 12 screenshots and information have been leaked so we know have some idea about the upcoming Android version. It will come with a new UI and several new features and enhancements including a new notifications panel UI with an opaque light beige background. The Dark Mode will still be present. The “conversations” section will also be separated from the notifications.

Android 12 Redesign

You may notice that the notifications have more obvious rounded corners. The Quick Settings tiles will now show larger icons because the number of tiles have been reduced from six to four. You may see privacy indicators on the upper-right corner while the positions of the clock and dates have been swapped.

Android 12 may also add new privacy features like a warning similar to status bar indicators. It may show up when an app is using the mic or camera. “Privacy” settings may be updated as well with toggle s to disable the mic or camera. Such toggles could be more easily accessible by users.

Android 12 could be updating the widgets with new categories like “Conversations”. Such “People Shortcuts” will be more than useful and accessible, allowing consumers more efficiency.

The Developer Beta of Android 12 is said to be available first for the Pixel phones starting with the Google Pixel 5/4a/4a 5G and then followed by the Google Pixel 4/4XL and the Google Pixel 3/3XL/3A/3A 5G. Non-Pixel devices that may receive the update first are as follows: Motorola Edge/Edge+, Nokia 5.4, Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Realme 8/X9, Xiaomi Mi 11/Poco F2, and the OnePlus 9/9 Pro.


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