Reddit is an impressive community where users often leak information most sacrosanct to brands. A recent case came to light when Android Police noted a post in r/nvidiashield where the user claimed that the next update of NVIDIA SHIELD Experience software version 9.0.0 beta has been released and it’s pretty similar to the last update. This leaked information has since been deleted from the subreddit for breaking the NDA but not before it could spark a discussion that a new update is on the horizon.


This information is of particular interest to NVIDIA SHIELD TV users who may have been left disheartened after Nvidia in August had announced that it would not be rolling out its software update based on Android 10. The brand had citied no real difference between the Android 9 and Android 10 for not upgrading the SHIELD Experience back then.

This brief information now suggests that the beta release of the SHIELD Experience 9.0.0 – based on Android 11 for Android TV – has started to reach devices of beta testers. We are thus hopeful that the update is surely on its way in the near future.

The jump from Android 9 to Android 11 should mean a lot of difference for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV experience. This despite the leaked information hinting that there is little difference in comparison to the previous version.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices have cut out a niche for themselves over time, and an upgrade to the new software will mean a big leap of faith for the users sticking to their devices in spite of limited updates in the recent past. The report of the new software beta update means Nvidia still has the SHIELD TV at the back of its mind and it will soon give the users something to cheer about.


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