Amazon has updated their Android Appstore to reflect their recent OS changes, bringing the darker theme and Mojito UI in. It still doesn’t follow the newer Android UI or design standards, but that’s not the point for Amazon. Like the rest of what they use Android for, Amazon has made it their own.

The Appstore is Amazon’s main avenue for providing apps and other media to their devices, but this one is for use on other Android devices. While limited, many use it for the free app of the day, where Amazon often gives away games or other middling apps. While nowhere near as robust as the Play Store, it does serve a purpose.

This could be a precursor to Amazon’s rumored new devices, like the Firetube TV streaming device we’ve seen pop up now and again. It brings a unified look and feel, which is a good thing, but the Appstore needs much more than flash. It’s still a little slow and irritating on more mainstream Android devices, but not so much on the Kindle series.

While we’d like to think this means more from Amazon, we’re not going to hold our breath just yet. Amazon isn’t forthright with notifying the world about upcoming releases, even ones that could make a big impact on their business. For the masses, this one will go under the radar, but for Amazon enthusiasts, it brings a fresh new look. In keeping with the look and feel of their UI update, it seems Amazon is making a choice to unify their proprietary garden, even on devices they don’t support.

VIA: Android Central