Amazon Underground is still a thing. We haven’t been featuring the latest offers but since it’s the holiday season, allow us to share the good news that the ‘Deus Ex GO’ and ‘Lara Croft GO’ are now available for free on the service. The GO series games together with Hitman GO are actually available on sale across Android and iOS but on Amazon, it’s definitely free.

FREE games are even better than discounted ones. Looks like Square Enix is getting more generous these days. If you have Android or Amazon Fire tablets, feel free to enjoy the games like there’s no tomorrow. Even their in-app purchases are free to play so that is really a great deal. Hitman GO will also be offered for free starting on December 22.

Square Enix has been busy slapping discounts off its popular titles. We’re guessing it’s not because the company is losing money but rather the people behind it just wants to say thanks to the fans, geeks, and gamers who have been loyal to them since the old days.

Hitman GO has been around since 2014. Lara Croft is a very familiar heroine (even from our childhood) and of course, there’s also the several Final Fantasy games.

As for the Deus Ex Go, it’s a new cyberpunk puzzle game for everyone. It was released only this year but it has since turned into another popular cashcow by Square Enix. There’s also the Hitman GO that recently received a new Death Valley challenge mode.

Expect to hear another round of good news from Square Enix or Amazon. We have a feeling these games are not the only ones that will be offered for free.

Download Lara Croft GO and Deus Ex GO from the Google Play Store

VIA: PocketGamer


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