Amazon stock crested the $400 mark today, the first time ever for the online shopping giant. This comes after an aggressive holiday push, seeing them routinely discount Kindle tablets and offer up free Coins for gifting. They’ve been close for a while, but a great shopping season thus far has brought them good fortune — literally.

Their stock has been steadily upgraded by analysts since cresting the $300 mark back in July. With news that Amazon has more up its sleeve, like 3D phones and delivery drones — the attention on them is at a high point. A recent biography of founder Jeff Bezos doesn’t paint him in the best of light, but that seems to ring hollow with shoppers. Deals and customer service is the order of the day, and Amazon has those avenues locked.

The online shopping portal has quickly become much more than just a place to get a better deal on socks, too. With their Smile program, Amazon gives a portion of proceeds to charity. They also have a variety of ways to save, and their Prime memberships offer free shipping on a ton of items, as well as access to media content on-demand. They also seem to be getting first-day availability on all sorts of tech items, like the Moto G and new Chromebooks.

Though their ecosystem remains a little too locked down for our liking, the deals on Kindle tablets can’t be beat. Easily one of the best around, they only suffer from Amazon’s app ecosystem. When it comes to media, though, Amazon is on par with the best. It’s getting increasingly difficult to ignore their presence in our lives, and the stock price reflects that.