The past few days have been crazy between Amazon and YouTube as the two companies are having a feud over YouTube playing on Amazon-branded devices. The video-sharing app has been pulled out of the Echo Show but it was listed back again. Earlier this month, it was pulled off again from the Echo Show and Amazon Fire TV as the two brands have not reached an agreement. This is to the disadvantage of Amazon as the Echo Show isn’t selling really well. A price cut has been given again because we’re assuming, not many people are interested in a mobile device that can’t play YouTube.

As a response, Amazon has added Chromecast and Apple TV to its lineup, perhaps to smite YouTube. If you may remember, these two products were removed from the store in 2015. They are back although official sales haven’t started yet. The launch of Prime Video app for Apple TV has made it easier for the Cupertino giant and Amazon to make a decision.

We’re not losing hope yet as Google has just confirmed Amazon is still thinking of keeping YouTube on Fire TV. The idea comes after a Prime Video app for Apple TV was released, causing Amazon to bring it plus the Chromecast to the online store. Amazon and Google are now believed to be in discussions and hopefully, in agreement, to have YouTube installed. Let’s wait and see when that happens.

VIA: SlashGear (1),(2)