We’ve heard our fair share of reports and rumors suggesting the folks from Amazon are planning a smartphone, but they float around for a few days then fade away. After reports in January of Amazon buying IVONA, a speech recognition company, we are back today with something similar. Reports have surfaced claiming Amazon just purchased the popular Siri-like app and company EVI for roughly $26 million.

Apparently after Siri launched, a start-up in Britain working on natural language search and voice recognition system created their true knowledge engine, called EVI, and now the start-up was snatched up by Amazon. At least according to the reports today by TechCrunch. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we should know soon enough.

So what exactly does this mean? For now it’s anyone’s guess but it would be hard to ignore the fact that Amazon has seemingly now purchased two voice recognition companies this year, and will probably be looking to take on Siri and Google Now when they launch their own Amazon Kindle Smartphone later this year.


EVI is available today on both Android and iOS, but so far we aren’t sure exactly what this means for the company. We could see the service become exclusive to Amazon devices, but we’ll have to wait and see. EVI isn’t just like Siri, it also learns from the user and starts to understand their needs and wants, as well as perfects the voice recognition and more. Give it a try today from the link below and we’ll update when we learn more about this acquisition by Amazon.

[via TC]