Amazon has been trying to market its Prime Video offering since year 2015. For a time, the company banned Google Chromecast and Apple TV from their listings perhaps to help Amazon-branded products and services to sell more. The Amazon Prime Video app soon launched in over 200 countries back in 2016 but it was only in August last year that the top e-commerce website became available in the United States via the Google Play Store.

It was only last month the Prime Video app for Android TV was launched by Amazon but unfortunately, there are limits. You cannot install the app on some Android TV model as they are not supported yet. Code must be updated but while waiting, the devs made it possible for the mobile app to run on all Android TV devices that are out on the market.

The official Prime Video app for Android TV won’t work on all Android TV devices but the non-Android TV app version works. It’s confusing but at least the regular Prime Video app will be more than useful. There is no announcement but the Google Play Store’s app listing of Prime Video says it is compatible with Android TV devices apart from the NVIDIA Shield and Nexus Player. Problem is, it doesn’t really work. You can download alright but it won’t actually run on Android TVs.

We’re not sure what’s happening here but we remain positive Amazon will shed light on the confusion anytime soon.

Download Amazon Prime Video from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police