Similar to what we saw for Mother’s Day, Amazon has begun offering a discount on the Kindle Fire HD lineup for Father’s Day. The discount applies to the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch as well as the HD 8.9-inch and 8.9-inch 4G models. Regardless of the model you choose the discount and how to get it remains the same. Basically, those purchasing any Kindle Fire HD can save $20 by entering “DADSFIRE” during the checkout process.

The one interesting aspect of this sale, and let this serve as a warning to those who may be considering a purchase for your dad — the offer is only available through June 8, 2013. And yes, that is apparently despite Father’s Day not actually happening until June 16th. With that in mind, you still have about five days to take advantage of this offer and ultimately, this means you can score a Kindle Fire HD for as little as $179. Specifically, that would be for the 16GB Kindle Fire HD 7 with Special Offers.

Otherwise, aside from the Father’s Day Kindle Fire HD offer, Amazon has also announced Coins and a new login service in recent history. The Amazon Coins are a virtual currency and sort of like using a gift card for your purchases, you will be able to buy a set amount of coins up front and then use those towards future purchases. Amazon has 100 Coins selling for $1 with discounts for those buying in larger quantities.

The Amazon login service will be similar to what we have seen from Facebook and Google. Basically, this will allow the user to sign up for an account using their Amazon credentials. This Amazon login service was announced a short while back and initially rolled out for Zappos and Woot, however we suspect more sites will offer this as an option moving forward.

While we suspected Amazon would offer something for Father’s Day, we also suspect Barnes & Noble will have a similar offer. Barnes & Noble have yet to make an announcement, however they did have a similar offer available for Mother’s Day. Bottom line here, if your dad is living in the Amazon world, or willing to make that a home then this Kindle Fire HD offer could be the one you are looking for.