Amazon has announced the latest single sign-on service this morning. The service will be launching as “Login with Amazon” and it will be serving as another alternative to the similar services being offered by Facebook and Google. More to the point for developers though, using Amazon will allow them to tap into the 200 million active Amazon customers. And on the flip side, this will provide a secure method for users to choose.

Basically, as with Facebook and Google, the Login with Amazon service will allow users to login using their existing account credentials. This also means you will have one less username and password to worry about remembering and maintaining. Amazon is touting this as being a way for developers to offer a trusted sign-in solution to their users and as a way for the users to quickly and securely sign-in to apps.

“Login with Amazon enables app developers and website owners to leverage Amazon’s trusted sign-in solution, allowing them to focus on providing a great experience for their customers,” said Michael Carr, Amazon Vice President, eCommerce Services. “Amazon customers now have a hassle-free way to quickly and securely sign-in to apps, games and websites, without having to remember yet another password.”

The Login with Amazon service is ready and available for developers to begin using, however it may take some time before the average end user finds the option to use this. Amazon notes that some of the early adopters of the service include Zappos and Woot, both of which have seen “significant customer adoption.” The folks at Zappos have said 40 percent of new customers chose to login with Amazon and Woot has said customers chose to login with Amazon “two times more often than any other social login on their site.”

The Login with Amazon service is based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework and is said to be easy for developers to integrate. Amazon mentions the integration process can be taken from the initial registration to launch in a “matter of hours.” Otherwise, aside from the end user having one less username and password to remember, this also means one less location to have your credit card and personal details stored.

Finally, while the use cases will likely vary from developer to developer, Amazon has said this will be available for the Appstore, Game Connect, GameCircle, in-app purchases and more. All said and done, it looks like users now have another option to choose when signing in with a new service. The nice part here is simply having the additional option and while Facebook and Google seem like good ones to consider, somehow using an Amazon login seems to make quite a bit of sense for websites that you will be making purchases from.

SOURCE: Amazon