Fresh off the Fire TV announcement from earlier this morning, it looks like the first promo video has arrived. This one clocks in at a minute in length and features Gary Busey. More to the point here, the focus of this promo is voice, and well, it has Gary Busey talking to a bunch of household items before finally getting to the Fire TV.

The video begins with him mentioning how he likes to talk to things. From there he goes through talking to those household items. Things go from somewhat strange to slightly more interesting around the 30 second mark. At this point Busey touched on how he finds it frustrating when high-tech things don’t listen. Enter the Fire TV and the brief bit about how the voice capability works.

Simply press the voice button on the remote and speak your search. From that point you can then use the remote control to navigate through those search results. Anyway, we expect Amazon will be offering more promo videos for the Fire TV, though after this we aren’t exactly sure where they will be going.

As we learned from the announcement earlier this morning, the Fire TV will be able to stream media from services such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus and audio from Pandora. The set-top box is also focused on gaming with Amazon offering exclusive games and a dedicated controller that should help to improve the experience. The Amazon Fire TV is priced at $99 (controller is an extra $40) and available today.