If you haven’t gotten onto the Amazon Echo bandwagon yet, the latest update might convince you to give Alexa a try. That is, if you like supporting restaurants and local businesses around your area. You can now integrate Yelp into the Bluetooth speaker’s personal digital assistant so that you can discover new places or conveniently patronize businesses near you. This is just the latest in a series of improvements from Amazon in a bid to attract even more users to its “unusual” device.

While reviews have been generally positive, the Amazon Echo still hasn’t found that wide an audience, maybe because it is a rather unique product and people have to understand what it actually can do for their lives. And so they’re on the right track by adding more and more integrated services, like with this newest one which has plugged in Yelp to help you find local search results. You can find out which is the nearest dry cleaners if you have a clothes cleaning emergency, as well as what time it will close, all by asking Alexa, the voice assistant living inside the Echo speakers.

You will need to enter your address in the settings of the Alexa app in order for the integration to work. The spoken results will be given to you by your nice voice assistant, but if you want more details about the place you need, you can pull up more information from the Alexa app and of course a link to the Yelp page so you’ll know what people are saying about it.

Amazon had recently added sports updates, sleep timers, more artists you can search for on Prime Music, as well as smart home integration for the Echo speakers. We’re looking forward to what else Alexa will eventually be able to do or tell you.

SOURCE: Amazon


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