Amazon has furthered the rollout for Coins this morning. The Coins were first unveiled as a virtual currency solution for Kindle Fire users a year earlier, in February 2013. And as of today, Amazon has made them available for those in the US, UK and Germany, provided they are using an Android smartphone or tablet.

Amazon Coins can be used to make purchases from the Amazon Appstore. This may not be something every Amazon user will want or need, however this is an appealing solution for those looking to keep spending under control. Notably, the Amazon Coins can be used as a spending allowance for your kids. Alternatively, using Coins can also help to avoid lots of small charges on your credit card.

Users can purchase these Coins by way of the Amazon website with options ranging from $4.80 for 500 Coins, up to $90 for 10,000 Coins. Of course, there are plenty of options in between those. Another perk of using the Coins as opposed to your credit or debit card comes with the discounts and potential freebies.

Some apps, Instapaper for example, offer free Coins with purchase. Buying this app for $2.99 of course gets you the app, but you also get 90 Coins as a bonus. That having been said, Amazon mentioned that users will need to make sure they have the latest version of the Amazon Appstore installed on their device, and from that point, any existing Coins balance will appear, and be available for use.

SOURCE: Amazon