The Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app has been available for Android for quite a while now. The app launched in the Google Play Store and in the Amazon Appstore back in November of last year, however a new update has brought support for videos. Simply put, the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app now has support for uploading, downloading and streaming videos.

This arrives as the v1.7 update and the app remains available for free. An account is required for use and the free account offers 5GB of storage space. But with that in mind, a paid account may be something to consider depending on how many video files you plan on uploading to the Amazon cloud.

This setup brings support for more than 20 file formats and 40 video codecs. Furthermore, the videos can be up to 2GB in size or up to 20 minutes in length, which should be good enough for just about any personal videos. This update also means you will be able to see large preview images while scrolling in landscape mode and also means you will not have to worry about which device has that video because once it is in the cloud it can be streamed from any device you have.

The other aspect here is in saving (backing-up) your personal videos. The app has an auto-save feature that will automatically save any videos on your device to your Amazon cloud account — hence the thought of maybe needing to upgrade to a paid account.

With that in mind, paid Amazon accounts begin at 20GB for $10 per year then climb to 50GB for $25 and eventually max out at 1TB for $500 per year. Bottom line here, the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app can now automatically back up your videos (in addition to your images).

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Google Play Store, Amazon Web Services Blog