Amazon has just pushed a new app to Google Play and its own app store that allows users take advantage of its Cloud Drive from an Android device. Amazon intends for this app to be a place where users can easily upload and share photos. As you would expect, Cloud Drive has been integrated in Kindle Fire HDs already, but now, owners of other Android devices can use it as a place to store their photos in the cloud.

Users of Amazon Cloud Drive get access to 5GB of free storage for their photos. More storage can be added starting at $10 a year for an extra 20GB, and going up from there if you need more than 20GB. For most users, it seems like 5GB to store photos should be plenty.

The app also features options for sharing your photos with other popular apps. You can upload photos to Facebook right from Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app. You can also use the app to share photos with friends via email and other applications. Overall, it looks like a pretty solid way to keep your photos in the cloud and save some local memory on your Android device.

The app also has some nice features for the way it displays your photos. You can view them in a horizontal mosaic or vertical grid view, depending your preferences. If you are looking for an easy to use cloud storage app for your photos, Amazon’s new one might be right up your alley.