Only a month after its official release, the Amazon Cloud Drive is getting an update. This cloud app by Amazon is now packed with several new features so users can do more on this cloud storage program. As with any other similar cloud drive storage users, Amazon’s very own Cloud Drive app offers easy access to any files, videos, photos, songs, and documents one might need at the moment right on a mobile device.

With this update, the cloud storage app now allows the mobile user to upload files from the smartphone and any other cloud accounts. You can now also upload photos and videos straight from the phone’s camera. When the app was first launched, no editing was allowed but now, you can create and edit new text files, as well as, create folders and move those files between different folders.

The app also lets you play those songs and videos you’ve saved in your Cloud Drive. Photos, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations can be quickly previewed right on the app should you need to show something to a friend or colleague. Or if you need to share files, you can easily do so by sending links or attaching them in your email or text message.

Amazon is determined to enhance the Cloud Drive app experience for everyone. Photo storage for Amazon Prime members is free. App is currently free within the 3-month trial. Pay $59.99 per year if you want unlimited storage or $11.99 for unlimited photo storage and extra 5GB for files and videos.

Download Amazon Cloud Drive from the Google Play Store