Finally, Amazon has launched a dedicated app for its Amazon Cloud Drive program. We don’t know why it took the company a while to release this one but we’re grateful that it’s already here. Regular Amazon Cloud Drive users can now access their files right on their Android phones. This is just like any other of its cloud storage competitors as it provides easy access to documents, photos, videos, songs, and other important files with a few taps on the small mobile screen.

With the app, you can preview files and share them with family, friends, and colleagues. View files and folders and preview just about any file in any format whether it’s a document, presentation, image, or spreadsheet from the Amazon Cloud Drive app. You can also play your favorite music and videos saved on your drive straight from the Android app.

There are numerous cloud storage apps available but if you’ve been using Amazon Cloud Drive and are only waiting for the mobile app, this is good news for you. Amazon is a trusted company so you know files are always safe and secure. App is free to download but a subscription fee is required after a free 3-month trial.

App has been available since June but not so fortunately, it’s underwhelming for most users. Why, the Amazon Cloud Drive is read-only. Others are even saying it’s a terrible app because you can’t do any editing at all. Basically, this app just allows access so you can read, view, and share a file. Sorry, no editing for your documents, excel files, or presentations.

Download Amazon Cloud Drive from the Google Play Store



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