Early this morning I got an update for the Amazon AppStore on my device and it seems they’ve added a few updates worth noting. Mainly some bug fixes and things of that sort, but they have also implemented a new two-step purchase method where you must click twice. This should avoid accidental purchases for those unlucky enough to have done it by mistake. We didn’t hear anything regarding this til now, but it was a nice surprise.

This update also bring an improved compatibility check for the App of the Day amazon features, as well as some much needed improvements to the support for older devices running on Android 1.6 because apparently some still do. They also mention overall stability improvements.

It is nice to see Amazon keeping up to date with their popular new App Store, I have a feeling they will continue to improve it right up until they launch a few android devices of their own. So update your Amazon AppStore and feel free to get the latest free app of the day. Today it is Yoo Ninja.