The popular Amazon AppStore appears to have finally received the green light outside of the US although quietly as we’ve not heard much from Amazon. We are now seeing reports from multiple sources with places such as the Netherlands, parts of UK, and even reports from India too. So far it seems it’s live and working.

Update: We are now hearing from multiple readers and sources that the Amazon AppStore has been live in Canada for a few days, and many parts of the UK too. We will continue to update when we hear more.

While this is indeed good news, many users have reported to still be having issues and are unable to use or download apps from the Amazon AppStore. We have pinged Amazon to see if we can get some answers but for now it sounds like they might be at the beginning of the roll out process for some other markets.

We should be hearing more details regarding possible markets and future availability of the Amazon AppStore outside the US soon so be sure and stay tuned. For now we are still unsure if these new markets will also get access to the “Free App of the Day” that has helped make Amazon so popular and successful as of late. This is most likely part of the broader picture for Amazon and their upcoming Android tablet.

For now users can download the Amazon AppStore by clicking here. Make sure to uncheck the “install from unknown sources” tab and give the Amazon Appstore a try. Feel free to leave comments as well as location in the comment section below so we can keep track of the app market as it rolls out.

[via SlashGear]


  1. Hi
    I am in India and have been able to access the amazon appstore on my nexus s . I even have access to the free app of the day without any problems.



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