Fresh on the heels of Google Music Beta Amazon is now changing how they plan to use the cloud. They are looking to go big and are now going to allow unlimited music on your storage account. The Amazon Cloud Player will allow unlimited music and MP3 storage as long as you have purchased one of Amazon’s cloud storage plans at $20 or more. Music and MP3’s will not use any of your space and you can upload as much as you’d like.

This basically means that all paid cloud storage plans include unlimited space for MP3 and AAC files at no additional charge, and don’t take up any of your space. Pretty amazing offer if I don’t say so myself. I’ve used the Amazon Cloud Player a lot in the past and it works very well, buffer times are basically a thing of the past and playing music over the cloud is fast and easy.

Remember you can upgrade your storage if you purchase an entire album over on Amazon MP3. So either pay for a $20-20GB plan or upgrade to the 20GB limit by purchasing a full album and you will then have free unlimited music storage like mentioned above. Not a bad deal and this just might make Google rethink their plans for Music Beta when they finally launch the service for everyone.

[via Amazon]