We always assumed that all the apps in the Amazon Appstore would find their way onto the Kindle Fire (albeit with varying degrees of compatibility) but just in case you were wondering, Amazon’s here to set the record straight. The company announced that major titles like Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and games from developers like EA, Zynga and Rovio would land on the Kindle Fire when it releases next Tuesday. Appstore mainstays like the free paid app of the day will remain, and apps purchased on the Kindle Fire can be downloaded via the Appstore on any Android device.

Other major developers in the announcement include Gameloft, PopCap, Rhapsody, plus popular apps Allrecipes, Bloomberg, Cut the Rope, Doodle Fit, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, Jenga, LinkedIn, Zillow, Airport Mania, Battleheart, Pulse, The Cat in the Hat, Quickoffice Pro, Jamie’s 20-Minute Meals, IMDb Movies & TV, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Twitter, Comics by comiXology and The Weather Channel. Amazon is quick to point out that its digital library of 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, magazines, apps and games will all be available on the Kindle Fire.

Amazon didn’t mention Fire-specific versions of these apps, but as adoption grows, don’t be surprised to see specially-made alterations for the Kindle Fire hardware. Currently apps designed for Gingerbread default to a scaled-up smartphone interface even on a 7-inch or larger screen, so it would make sense for developers to tweak their apps accordingly. Between Kindle books, streaming media, the healthiest third-party app market out there and a $199 price tag, the Kindle Fire is well-positioned to take the world by storm. The Kindle Fire goes on sale November 15th.

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