We have heard more than a few comments over the past few weeks and months regarding an Android Tablet that might come in a brown unmarked box with that Amazon logo across the side. We have been hearing a few of the same comments as recent stories like this one in the Wall Street Journal regarding when we might actually see these tablets come to life.

Last we heard they were expected sometime this holiday season and we even heard a few codenames, but latest news and tips are saying much earlier, possibly as soon as October. Sometime in September would be a great time frame to release such a product, and with the Amazon App Store getting more popular and more apps every single day they could even launch without Google’s golden Market and other apps. Although most users will probably still want Gmail, Google Maps, and more.

From sources “close to the matter” the Android Tablet coming before October will be rocking a 9″ IPS Display, but somehow they’ve chosen to not have a camera on board. That makes me wonder how much of an iPad competitor it actually will be, but they are after the android tablet market after all. I have a few tips I’ve heard over the past few weeks that are saying Amazon is aiming for a “high quality” and “affordable” tablet that will be able to undercut the competition. They want top notch build quality but wont have things like a camera (I’ve never used my tablet rear camera anyways) and instead will offer a quality product at an affordable price similar to the extremely popular Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle has been a huge success, if Amazon can get a quality Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet rocking some solid specs inside to push things along, continue to build the Amazon App Store, and then launch a tablet in say the $299 range I could see this being a highly popular device and a hot seller come Christmas time. What do you guys think?