Amazon Alexa Cortana

In a weird twist of fate, two smart assistants are teaming up. It is not exactly a new thing but Alexa and Cortana joining forces is unexpected because they are competitors. Well, the two are not direct rivals because Cortana isn’t widely used and integrated and because Alexa is more popular and more powerful. This team-up will allow the two to talk to each other.

Cortana was first introduced by Microsoft a couple of years ago for the Windows Phone. Sadly, the Windows mobile platform is not as successful as Android so there is not a lot of people using it. The software giant still has plans to make it an important feature of Windows 10 devices but this deal with Amazon will bring Cortana more friends. You see, Alexa is popular right now being a close rival to the Google Assistant. With this new budding friendship, Cortana and Alexa will certainly be more powerful than ever.

Alexa may already be integrated with many products and services but it still lacks in many areas. Cortana will help Alexa and vice versa. In the near future, Alexa will have more ways to access other business applications like work calendars. What Cortana can do, Alexa will benefit from. And what Alexa can do, Cortana will also get to enjoy.

For Cortana users, they can soon shop on Amazon through Alexa and use all 20,000 skills in the database. Before this year ends, you can say “Alexa, open Cortana” or “Cortana, open Alexa” and each of the device you’re calling will follow your voice commands.

VIA: SlashGear