It’s just been a few days since Microsoft’s Windows 10 officially launched into the world and already, we have developers integrating Cortana – Windows 10’s voice assistant – with Android. The hardcore Android tweakers will already know all about Tasker – that app that gives you seemingly unlimited automation option son your Android device. This tweak allows Cortana to play nice with AutoVoice, a Tasker plugin, so that you can give voice commands to your Android device while using your Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

Sounds cool? Well, that’s because it is. Mass developer and distributor of Tasker plugins João Dias – better known as “joaomgcd” at the Google Play Store – has made it so that his Tasker plugin AutoVoice will play nice with Cortana. Check out this video below as a portent of what you can do with this team-up.

If you didn’t already know, this cool process involves the user learning the ins and outs of Tasker – not the easiest app to learn to use. It will involve you paying for the Tasker app, then paying for the AutoVoice plugin, installing them on your Android device and setting them up just so, so that Cortana can play nice with them. But the integration, once done, is nothing short of cool and amazing.

If you know how to program Tasker and are familiar with AutoVoice, this should be a breeze. If not, you will have to read up online and hone your Tasker mojo so that you can start doing things as cool as this. Both Tasker and AutoVoice are paid downloads via the Google Play Store. Cortana is standard and comes with every Windows 10 installation.

SOURCE: +JoãoDias