We’ve been given the idea that Korean gadget giant Samsung is at least serious about dispelling the “myth” that it can’t make beautiful metal-bound phones. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was the first in what now seems to be a whole line of phones with that premium metallic feel to it. The Samsung Galaxy A5 was the most recent one leaked, and another aluminum unibody phone now follows with the Samsung Galaxy A3.

Both phones were recently leaked, and both are showing what Samsung can do when it wants to prove a point. The Galaxy A5, as discussed before, would be close to the specs the Galaxy Alpha is carrying – now revealed via a GFX Bench appearance to have a 64-bit capable processor in the quad-core Snapdragon 410 and an Adreno 306 GPU supported by 2GB of RAM. That will be pushing pixels to a 4.8-inch 720p display. The A5 will be a mid-tier phone with a unique metallic material with chamfered edges.


It looks like the Galaxy A3, the smaller one in the photo below we suppose, will be using pretty much the same design language. There are no specs out as of the moment for this new “premium feel” A-Series Samsung phone, but at best it would have dual SIM capabilities like the Galaxy A5. Samsung is also reportedly working on a 5.5-inch member of this metallic line, the rumored Galaxy A7.


The Galaxy A5 will purportedly be priced at around USD$400 to USD$450, while the Galaxy A3 will be a hundred dollars lower. Given the momentum from the modestly positive reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung will want to get this line out in the market relatively fast.

VIA: Sam Mobile


  1. If samsung ties up with CyanogenMod ditching TW completely, then i think it will be a blessing for all the android users!!! And will be loved by everyone for sure!!


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