Koush has been pretty busy pushing updates for AllCast lately. It wasn’t all that long ago we saw one adding support for the Amazon Fire TV. But while support for new devices is welcomed, there is also the hope of seeing support for new services. The latest AllCast update has added beta support for Google Drive.

Aside from Google Drive streaming support, and the fairly recent addition of Fire TV support — there was also mention of various bug fixes as well as a “potential” fix for disconnecting after 30 minutes. Anyway, while the support for Drive has been added, there may be some issues with finding the file you are looking for.

You see, for now AllCast is showing your Drive media as one single list, which could make it a bit harder for those with large Drive accounts. Otherwise, as it had been AllCast is available by way of the Google Play Store and comes in a free and premium version.

The premium version will set you back $4.99, however it does remove the limitations found in the free version. For those who have yet to check out AllCast, the free version limits users to one minute of viewing on pictures and video. AllCast can be downloaded using this Google Play Store link.

VIA: Android Police