Koushik “Koush” Dutta has finally unleashed the last missing piece to his AllCast streaming system. With AllCast Receiver app now available from Google Play Store, any Android device can play videos, music, or show photos streamed from any other Android device.

The AllCast receiver actually first made its way to Amazon’s ecosystem last month, via the Fire TV. This was somewhat unsurprising considering how Koush has been busy playing with his new toy, adding such things as mirroring support for Amazon’s set-top box and Android game console in one. AllCast itself actually works with several devices as receivers, like Chromecast, Roku, and even Apple TV. Now, even if you have none of those said fancy gadgets, you can still enjoy the fruits of Koush’s labor.

The AllCast system naturally needs two pieces, one to send the videos, photos and music, and one to receive it. The sender part has long been available on Google Play Store via the AllCast and AllCast Premium apps. The receiving part is the one that now arrives for general availability with the AllCast Receiver. The Android version requirements are quite modest. The AllCast Receiver only requires Android 4.1 and above while the AllCast senders can go back to even Android 4.0.

While AllCast Receiver is available free of charge, the same free/paid setup for the sender apps still apply. Basic functionality is available in the free AllCast version, but if you want to be able to stream more than 10 minutes of video and get rid of ads and splash screens, you’ll have to buy the AllCast Premium app for $4.99.

Download: AllCast (Receiver), (Free), (Premium)