Koushik Dutta, more popularly known as Koush of CyanogenMod fame, has welcomed the month with an excellent announcement. AllCast, one of his many pet Android projects, has just been uploaded on Google Play Store for everyone to try out. Well, almost everyone.

AllCast is an app that basically lets users stream or send local media from their Android device to a number of supported devices, particularly set-top boxes and smart TVs. For now, the list of supported devices include, but are not limited to, Roku boxes, Apple TV, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as Samsung Smart TVs. But don’t sweat if you have none of those fancy appliances, as any DLNA rendering device will also be able to receive streaming media from the app.

Just last week, Koush announced the release of AllCast Beta 7, with a rather ominous remark about that version self-destructing on December 1st. And now we know why. Now that the official AllCast Beta is on Google Play Store, barring last minute critical bugs, we should be seeing a final release of the app soon. Here’s the video of the AllCast demo that Koush released for Beta 7.

AllCast Beta does not require your device to be rooted and is also free. However, to be able to get access to it, one must first join their Google+ community. Once that’s done, simply hit the download link below to get your copy.

Download: AllCast Beta on Google Play