Alcatel went to the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain prepared with new Android devices to show off. Looks like the company really worked on these new products that are expected to sell within the budget and mid-range categories. Alcatels latest offerings include the U5, A3, and the A5 LED. The phones appear to be ideal for fun-loving mobile consumers who are looking for affordable devices that perform well.

We also trust Alcatel because its umbrella company, TCL, is trusted by brands like BlackBerry. We know the new Alcatel Android phones are well-built and well-designed with okay specs for such cheap prices. We said a few weeks ago that Alcatel would be announcing five new smartphones at this year’s MWC. We’re not sure if there will be another one or if that modular phone will still be unveiled as rumored.

Here is a rundown of the new Alcatel products unleashed in Spain today:

ALCATEL U5. This affordable Android smartphone features a 5-inch display screen and some selfie-centric camera features. There’s Face Mask and Face Show so you can make yourself prettier. The phone looks nice as well with the slim curved edges, ergonomic body, micro-pattern textures, and vibrant-colored frames. It’s easy to use with the Simple Mode for quicker access to your favorite apps while the Phone Guards lets you boost performance, secure that phone, and save battery.

ALCATEL A3. This one is another affordable device that selfie addicts will love. It’s fast and secure with the fingerprint recognition, Private Mode, and direct launch of apps from lock screen. When it cones to imaging, the Alcatel A3 comes with a 13MP main camera, and 5MP front-facing shooter with selfie flash. To make selfies fun, you can capture a shot just by touching the fingerprint sensor. There’s also the Face Mask and Face Show features plus Instant Colloage and Selfie Album. Other specs include a 5-inch HD display, quad-core processor, front speaker, and 4G LTE connectivity. Phone comes in a metallic frame plus a textured back cover for an ergonomic and comfortable grip and design.

ALCATEL A5 LED. This one appears to be the most fun of the bunch, thanks to the interactive LED cover. The young ones will enjoy this phone that features some “light-up notifications and unique LED cover patterns and themes” as desrcibed by Alcatel’s Portfolio Management Director William Dowie.

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