AirDroid is an Android app that allows you to manage your smartphone using a regular desktop browser. Using the app will allow you to do things such as transfer files, however it also has some slightly more interesting features such as being able to send and receive SMS messages from that same desktop browser. That said, the folks at Sand Studio have recently rolled out the latest update for AirDroid, which has landed in the Google Play Store as version 2.0.

This Play Store release comes after several months of beta testing. If you remember back, we mentioned AirDroid 2 back in mid-January. At the time we were generally pleased with the features and performance, however things somehow feel a bit better now that the beta tag has been dropped. AirDroid 2 comes along with what was described as “many” bug fixes, however there are also quite a bit of new features.

To begin with, AirDroid 2 will allow you to remotely find/track your device. You can also use the app to lock or wipe the data. There were some improvements to the SMS, Photo and File experience as well as the addition of remote camera support and the ability to see call notifications and even initiate a new call (from a desktop browser) on your device. And as if that was not enough already, there are two additional perks that have come along with the v2.0 update.

AirDroid no longer requires the computer and device to be on the same network. Sand Studio describe this as being “same-network-free” however what it comes down to, is that same network requirement was dropped and the connection is now being handled using an AirDroid account. Finally, that remaining new feature is being able to sign in on the web and have AirDroid automatically launch on your device. Again, this is using the an AirDroid account. With that, AirDroid 2 can be found by way of the Google Play Store using this link.