The AirDroid app is currently available in the Google Play Store. However those looking to play with the upcoming release can grab the APK file and get in on the beta access. The AirDroid beta is version 2, which up until recently, was available only with an invitation. Well, the invitation-only requirement has been lifted and that means you can now play with AirDroid v2 and the new features including remote camera access and Find Phone.

Both of these do just what the name would imply, but being obvious aside, we suspect current AirDroid users will be happy to see them arrive. Beginning first with the Find Phone feature. This one will allow you to track the location of your phone on a map. You will have to active this feature before using it, however once activated, you will see the Find Phone icon on the desktop.

The other addition was the remote camera, which will allow you take a picture using the computer. We suspect the use case for this will vary, however based on the limited testing we did, it seemed to work rather well. The interesting part with the remote camera functionality is where the image goes — to your computer. Once you snap the picture, the image will automatically download to your computer.

Otherwise, the regular stable version of AirDroid is 1.1.0, which can be found in the Google Play Store. And in addition to these two new features, AirDroid also features the ability to transfer files, send and receive SMS messages, manage your on-device images and videos, access your contacts, install or uninstall apps, work with ringtones and much more.

[via AndroidPolice]